Bob & Denise, Brighton, MI

My wife and I had the opportunity to travel with this Real Irish tour group this year. We had a fantastic time. Stuart gave us plenty of time to explore each town we visited. The local tours were very unique in that they included things like visiting a sheep farm and leather goods maker and horse farm and of course plenty of castles and distilleries. Gary the bus driver is a hoot. This guy is extremely knowledgeable on the daily living in Ireland. his endless quips of information is very entertaining. The bus had lots of open seats so every one could look out a window at the beautiful scenery. We never felt like we were on the bus too long. I almost forgot, the food and accommodations were outstanding. The country is beautiful and the locals were very charming and hospitable. This was a great trip!

Kim C, Ypsilanti, Mi

Small tour group, individual attention and a real sense of camaraderie. Can't say enough positive things about my first tour with Real Irish. Plenty to do, wonderful surprise stops while enjoying flexibility and independent opportunities. Stuart did a great job of describing activities, expectations, what the trip would be like, keeping everyone updated as we went and ensuring a fantastic experience.

Rich H, Brighton Mi

I first met Stuart at his wonderful store in Brighton and chatted about visiting Ireland someday. I was so impressed that I booked a trip very shortly after. I am so happy I did. My wife and I recently joined Stuart on the Southern Gems tour. What an incredible experience! Visiting my ancestral homeland had been a lifelong dream and this trip was everything I had hoped for and more. We made 18 new friends while visiting castles, taking in breathtaking scenery, factory tours, doing lots of shopping and sightseeing in cities, had wonderful meals and relaxed in lovely hotels. And the pubs, oh the pubs! I just can’t say enough good things about the trip, and how Stuart took such excellent care of every detail. I can’t wait to go back on another trip.

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